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“Leslie, I love the nickname “The Lion-Tamer,” but it never made sense to me until you explained that it was a title bestowed on you by a very grateful corporate client for dealing so effectively and successfully with powerful/overpowering people.”

— Maureen St. Germain, author of “Waking Up in 5D,” international seminar leader

"Hey Lion Tamer! Congratulations on your Board Approval Designation...I am in complete agreement with the accolades you received from your clients! You are great at what you do, and what you do is great! Keep learning, keep growing, and keep helping people."

— John Brosnan, former Managing Director and Head of US Operations, Barclays Capital, President, Barclays Capital Services, LLC.

"Leslie's brand is everything, Leslie is the Lion-Tamer. And so Leslie has the ability to deal with people of very strong ego and very strong personality and rapidly create a change that is not compliant but committed.

"She helps people perform at a maximum capacity: to be effective, to lead, and to get results. What she also does is she helps people who are impeded in doing that to do a hundred-and-eighty degree turn and go from dysfunctional to highly functional. That's what she does; that's her methodology and that's her power.

"You might ask, well, aren't you just sort of a psychologist on steroids, I mean, isn't that what you do? But she can legitimately say no, it's not what I do. Because when I'm done, I don't have to come back. And I don't care about what his mother said. That's what sets her apart."

— Alan Weiss, Mentor Hall of Fame

"In court we often see the worst and the best of human nature. So often, when analyzing high-profile criminal cases, I wonder "why?" Dr. Leslie Austin helps us find answers...her insights...invaluable."

— Nancy Grace, star and host, Closing Arguments, Court TV, Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News

"Dr. Leslie Austin claims to be the "Lion Tamer". We found out that it takes one to know one! When Dr. Austin was introduced to our organization we naturally threw her to the lions. We discovered underneath her quiet unassuming demeanor was a level of confidence and wisdom one can only gain from years of education and experience coupled with a healthy level of courage.

"Dr. Austin was able to quickly win respect from leaders who had developed some pretty destructive habits. In every case the outcome was positive for all involved. I even had a personal call from the wife of one participant who said, "I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my husband. He is more relaxed and has a more positive outlook on life. Thank you so much; I've got my college sweetheart back!

"I recommend Dr. Austin to any individual or organization that wants to improve morale and business performance."

— Ray Hoglund, former President and CEO, Hill Phoenix, Inc.

"Austin Consulting provided communication workshops, executive coaching and team development workshops for two Dover companies (Hill PHOENIX, Inc. and Triton Systems). Leslie Austin's work helped strengthen the business by working closely with senior management to improve their overall teamwork and cohesiveness. This resulted in better decision making and goal setting and significantly improved the company's bottom line. One of her greatest skills is to seamlessly move throughout an organization and apply a hands-on approach to work discreetly with people and fine tune their performance in the organization. She is very effective in modifying destructive behaviors which inhibit success. Leslie's professionalism and integrity make her a natural coach and leader.

"I highly recommend Austin Consulting!"

— Bill Johnson, President and CEO Welbilt, Inc., former VP Dover Corporation

“I have known Leslie Austin for over twenty years. She is an extraordinary coach who has honestly allowed me to achieve all of my goals. She is a brilliant person who offers incredible advice and insight into any and all circumstances”.

— A.H., co-owner and major shareholder, $500m privately held company

"Leslie’s coaching has helped me manage challenging clients and tricky corporate cultures. Her questions yield insights into your colleagues’ motivations -- and your own -- and best of all, she works with you to craft potential solutions. Leslie’s counseling has helped me find balance in my work and life, and contributed to more productive relationships with my colleagues and clients. She’s a great coach and a valuable ally."

— A. King, PR consultant

"Every time I speak with Leslie, I am energized and more confident in my vision and my career.

"I sought out an executive coach to help me grow professionally and personally on Wall Street. Leslie helped me dramatically improve my skills and strategic thinking to successfully implement major changes in my department’s processes. Later when I decided to make a career change and start a new company, Leslie helped me focus on my strengths, overcome challenges, believe in myself and trust my gut, all of which has proven to be very successful."

— Jess Feldman, Suzanne/Jess Feldman Art Advisory

"Leslie is a coach's coach for leaders and executives. Her cut through the noise and direct feedback approach allowed me to simplify both my ideas and message to others in a corporate setting. Leslie was an excellent guide when it came to refining my own coaching style, honing my intuitive ability, and combining the two into a strong career and practice."

— Traci Mellinger, North Star Guidance & Coaching, LLC

"I hired Leslie for what I thought would be ~ 70% business coaching and 30% personal coaching, and I quickly realized that working with Leslie meant erasing the imaginary boundary between the two, and approaching growth more holistically. It also meant going deeper, and oddly enough, more directly at the areas of my life where I knew I wanted to see changes/improvement. Having Leslie’s objective guidance and support throughout a year of what was often very intensive work, resulted in benefits that, like the work itself, have been holistic - and I think for that reason, lasting. I feel that even after our formal work has ended, I am continuing to expand on the foundation of growth that Leslie helped me create, which is a very empowering feeling. Today, I have better self-awareness, more self-acceptance, and healthier relationships, which has absolutely impacted my business and career for the better. Thanks, Leslie!"

— Dee Heffernan, Branding and Strategy expert

"Yesterday's GSCA luncheon meeting was absolutely fabulous. I so appreciated the opportunity to attend. Leslie Austin was an awesome speaker and the group of women professionals were all very inspiring. I truly was impressed with her presentation particularly as I had never heard anyone conjugate an emotion with such finesse and skill. How fortunate her clients are to have such supporting services. Thank you so very much!”

— Mona Baker, inventor of the Actionomics Movement Method

"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Leslie Austin .Our work together provided me with a productive way of dealing with difficult circumstances. I can't put a dollar value on the things I learned! But, surely, having access to such an intelligent and grounded professional helped me to get to a better place.

"Through our work together, I discovered so much about my work style, my relationship to my work and importantly, how to parlay my strengths into a stronger sense of self. The emotional support and psyche-strengthening exercises I have acquired have been invaluable. I am now in a new, positive work situation and constantly use the tools and exercises she taught me."

— Julie Livingston, former Director Marketing Communications, Toy Industry Association, Inc.

"I first met Leslie Austin in 1997 when our CEO, invited her to work with our group of owners and shareholders of our public relations company. The coaching techniques that Leslie used helped us communicate with each other on levels that none of us ever thought possible. Her direction and guidance helped us deal with each other with respect and clarity, understanding that different styles did not necessarily mean different points of view. As a matter of fact, we often found the most of us were closer to each other's position than we thought!

"Through personal coaching I was able to focus on the issues that I was having coping with success and an ever-expanding level of responsibility. Heavy meeting schedules, staff that deserved – and needed- more time and mentoring, and a colleagues that were growing more dependent on my expertise was creating stress levels that just were not acceptable or healthy.

"With Leslie's kind, firm and direct encouragement I was able to find that authentic place in myself that created a balance in my work style that I hadn't known was there. I am able to take on what is practical and doable, be there for direct reports and peers and find joy in my work.

"Leslie Austin's brand of coaching is one of the best things that have ever happened to me, as a professional and a private person."

— E.C., former Chief Business Officer, CFO and Co-Founder, NYC Public Relations Firm

"This is to express gratitude to Dr. Leslie Austin for her invaluable assistance as a business coach in helping me dissolve one business partnership and form a second new Limited Liability Corporation.

"Dr. Austin's advice is pragmatic yet sophisticated. She has a good grasp of business fundamentals and structures, whether basic or subtle, and communicates the principals in a highly effective manner. Her understanding of personality types and how to anticipate and prepare for issues was critical in bringing my negotiations to a satisfactory conclusion.

"Dr. Austin prepared a simple step by step template for me to follow and during the course of a month worked intensively with me to modify as demands required. Her input/review of my written communications was particularly helpful, assuring that all details were covered in a professional yet cordial manner.

"I would highly recommend Dr. Austin for any coaching in the business arena. I found her to be smart, accessible and appropriately centered on all issues. I especially appreciated her integrity and her ability to be "tough" on issues of protocol. That said, Dr. Austin is also notable for a "big heart" and in my circle of associates delivers a positive outcome wherever she chooses to put her effort."

— Tabor W. Butler, Registered Financial Advisor

"One of the most valuable resources we provide to our employees at PT&Co. is our "Coach Is In" program involving Leslie Austin. We make Leslie available to our staff once a week. They are able to book appointments on an Individual basis or with a supervisor or with their entire account team or department. Leslie serves as a coach, helping our employees communicate more effectively and productively with one another.

"Importantly, the coaching that she provides is invaluable not only in our professional, but in our personal lives, as well."

— Patrice Tanaka, CEO & Creative Director, PT&Co.

"Leslie was an invaluable part of the process. She brought a fresh, objective perspective and often was the only level-headed person in the room! It was a pleasure!"

— Mike Marino, HR Consultant, attorney

"In just four sessions, meeting with Leslie has made a world of difference in both my professional interactions and my sense of self. Both of my immediate supervisors have commented that they have seen marked improvements and I have learned that some of my negative behaviors are simply my inability to express how I really am feeling."

— Alissa Pinck, Managing Director, G. S. Schwartz & Co., Inc.

"What I can say, and assure you of, is that we love having you as a guest expert-- you are one, very professional, knowledgeable, articulate person... and fun!"

— Marlaina Schiavo, Producer, Court TV for Closing Arguments, Nancy Grace

"In keeping with what we have coined the "LA Method" of communications... I see great improvements in the organization in general and in some of the senior staff in particular. I am delighted about this! Thank you for your help in elevating our process of interaction. The fact that we had both group and individual sessions and you were on call to help the senior team learn new ways of interacting was an important feature of our success in this goal.

"On a personal note, I want to thank you for your guidance."

— Joseph Contorno, CEO and President, HDS/DDF, Inc.

"The professional services you provided to my firm were simply put, incredible. The fact you were able to expeditiously meet with my client and perform an irrefutable, in depth analysis truly saved my client's life. Based upon your report, I was successful in negotiating a resolution with the United States Attorney's Office which relied extensively upon your diminished capacity findings and precluded any sentence of incarceration. Again, I would like to thank you for your professionalism and kindness."

— Richard B. Herman, Esq., Richard B. Herman, LLC

"I decided to work with Leslie after meeting with and extensively interviewing no fewer than five other coaches. Leslie initially struck me as - and has proven to be - extremely straight-forward and, perhaps most importantly, efficiently and effectively pragmatic. She possesses a unique ability to pinpoint the essence of a problem, and recommend practical strategies for addressing it, learning from it, and moving forward. She is generous in sharing her experience and expertise, and at presenting information in ways that enable quick and memorable comprehension. Leslie never loses sight of the importance of work/life balance; in fact, she is adept at identifying and applying the strengths and lessons gleaned in one area to the other."

— Thaler Pekar, President, Thaler Pekar & Partners